PulseLite - Interval Training

The PulseLite Drill is type of interval training drill designed to train in two of the primary training zones:

  • Zone 1 or 2 (Aerobic or Anaerobic Conditioning)
  • Zone 3 (Aerobic or Anaerobic Capacity)

The drill starts with a long jog where the energy system of either zone 1 (or zone 2) is partially consumed, and then it is followed by intervals of run-jog sequences (pulses or intervals). It deals with a high energy demand during the running interval (zone 3), followed by a recovery during the jogging step. In this drill, a constant time period is maintained for each zone's interval, which means each stage is equal to the previous.  While working out in the drill,  adjust the paces (speed) based on your needs and fitness. The AeroRadar App can help you by recommending paces for each training zone.

The PulseLite Drill App has one standard version based on an below average fitness level. Even at this level, it is a high energy demand exercise. Before running, to better fit your needs, you can change the number of sets and pulses, as well as the running period.

Consult and follow a professional guide before working out in drills that require more effort that you are normally used to. If recovering from an injury, until fully recovered from the injury, it is highly recommended to run more slowly and use a reduced run period. Always consult with a physician when recovering from an injury and establish a recovery program with a professional.

Please see the general resources for a brief description of the energy systems used by the human body and the primary training zones. If you have more questions or need assistance, please contact us.

PulseLite Standard Version Parameters

The following table shows a summary of the key parameters the standard version:

# of Sets 1  
# of Pulses 12  
Run (sec/pulse) 20  
Jog (sec/pulse) 40  
Drill Times  
Interval Run 4:00  
Interval Jog 8:00  
Initial Jog 10:00  
Recovery Walk 2:00  
Total Drill 24:00  
Time Distribution    
Jogging 81.8%  
Running 18.2%