Typical Maximal Oxygen Uptake

V̇O2 max varies greatly between individuals and even between elite athletes that compete in the same sport. The table below shows typical maximal oxygen uptake for elite players for several sports:

Basketball 40-60
Football 42-60
Gymnastics 52-58
Ice Hockey 52-62
Jockey 50-60
Racquetball 55-62
Rowing 60-70
Rugby 50-60
Alpine Skiing 57-68
Soccer 54-64
Tennis 50-60
Triathlon 60-70
Volleyball 45-55

The highest ever recorded V̇O2 max is 94 ml/kg/min in men and 77 ml/kg/min in women. Both were cross-country skiers.

Untrained girls and women typically have a maximal oxygen uptake 20-25% lower than untrained men. However, when comparing elite athletes, the gap tends to close to about 10%.

You can find more information and data on these subjects in the following web site:

Sports Fitness Advisor

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