Recommended Drills

There are quite a number of drills that can be used to improve one's sport conditioning. If one doesn't have professional coaches or experience, the selection of drills can be confusing and time consuming. There are three drills, with countless of possible variations are available, on our application selection. Drills designed to train in two or more zones during a training session. These drills are:

  • Pulse Drill
  • Pyramid Drill
  • Fartlek Drill

The pulse and pyramid drills are good for training in two zones: zone 2 (or 1) and zone 3 (or 4). The fartlek (speed play) drill is the most comprehensive drill, which allows one to workout in all four zones with different time distributions per zone, mimicking very closely to one's sport energy demands. Please refer to each drill information for more specific details about how these drills work.

One should build a solid aerobic foundation before using the fartlek drill. To build a solid foundation, train aerobically and use the pulse drill for two to three weeks. Then, once a solid foundation is built,  base the training on the pyramid and fartlek drills, as well as maintaining training using the pulse drill, adjusting the times and intensity to your training needs. During off-season, it is recommended to use each drill once a week.

For the in-season training, one may consider alternating two drills per week, e.g., pulse/pyramid one week, pyramid/fartlek the next week followed by pulse/fartlek, and so on. In season fartlek runs of 20 to 25 min will probably suite your needs.

The next section presents some a general discussion on the runner's prediction models.

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